Maria Retnanestri

Visiting Fellow, School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, UNSW

Maria Retnanestri has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia and is a member of the Australian Institute of Energy (AIE) and the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES). She is a Research Visiting Fellow at UNSW having completed her three year (2008-2011) appointment as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, funded by an Australian Development Research Award (ADRA) 2007, to identify ways to overcome barriers to renewable energy for sustainable development in developing countries. In her PhD research, Maria Retnanestri developed the I3A (Implementation, Accessibility, Availability and Acceptability) Framework to investigate overall sustainability of renewable energy projects, considering their institutional, financial, technological, social and ecological sustainability dimensions. Maria has also extended the application of the I3A sustainability framework to broader aspects of energy as well as to food and water through seminars and her contributions to research workshops in Australia, Indonesia and the USA.


  • 1993–present
    Lecturer, STTNAS Engineering College, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
  • 2011–present
    Research Visiting Fellow, University of New South Wales
  • 2008–2011
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of New South Wales


  • 2007 
    University of New South Wales, PhD in Electrical Engineering
  • 1998 
    University of New South Wales, MEngSc in Electrical Engineering
  • 1991 
    STTNAS Engineering College, Jogjakarta, Indonesia, BE in Electrical Engineering

Grants and Contracts

  • 2007
    Overcoming barriers to renewable energy in rural Indonesia by community capacity building
    Research Leader
    Funding Source:
    AusAID 2007

Research Areas

  • Renewable Power And Energy Systems Engineering (Excl. Solar Cells) (090608)