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Anaesthetist and researcher, SA Health

Dr Andrew graduated from Manchester University, UK, in 1990 and emigrated to Australia in 1991. Inspired by the challenges of anaesthesia and the examples of some exceptional role models, she entered anaesthetic training in 1992 and qualified as a Specialist Anaesthetist in 1997.

Dr Andrew actively contributes to teaching and curriculum development. With a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis, she has been involved in NHMRC funded research in hypnosis, and uses it in daily anaesthetic practice.

Dr Andrew has a major research interest in communication and human factors. She is co-author and editor of the Handbook of Communication in Anaesthesia and Critical Care – A Practical Guide to Exploring the Art.

She is a trainer in Process Communication and presents on a national level in communication and the impact of stress behaviour on patients’ safety, and professional and personal lives. A strong interest in doctors’ health led Doctor Andrew to join the SA Dr Health Board in September 2012.

She is the Trainee Welfare Officer for the Australian and New Zealand Regional Education Committee of South Australia and the Northern Territory, coordinating initiatives to guide and support trainees through stressful periods during anaesthetic training.