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Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham

I’m a philosopher in Nottingham, UK. I’m interested in metaphysics, language, logic, the mind, and the social world of gender, race, disability, class, and religion.

I’m currently working on some very abstract topics: what truth is; how we think about impossible things; what material objects are; how to think about essence; and what propositions are ...

And also some practical issues: how social concepts (like race, gender, disability, and class) are generated; how social class affects education; and how atheists might profoundly disagree with yet remain tolerant towards the religious.

I've published books on how we meaningfully think about impossible situations (The Impossible, OUP 2014); on how reality might be structured (Reality Making, OUP 2016); and on what truth is (What Truth Is, OUP 2018). I've co-written a philosophical guide to impossibility with Franz Berto (Impossible Worlds, OUP, 2019) and am currently co-writing a textbook on Truthmaker Semantics with Kit Fine.

I've given philosophy talks at schools, community events, summer schools, a music festival, and a theatre.

If you'd like to work or study with me, or ask me a question, please get in touch!


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    Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham