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Chevron Harry Butler Chair in Biosecurity and Environmental Science, Murdoch University

Professor Marnie Campbell recently joined the Harry Butler Institute at Murdoch University, taking on role of the Chevron Harry Butler Chair in Biosecurity and Environmental Science. Her career has maintained a balance between active science research and the interface with management, with the aim of translating science into effective policy and determining how policy directs science. Her previous academic roles include Director of the Environmental Research Institute at the University of Waikato; Professorial Chair of Ecological Security at the Central Queensland University where she also held a Smart Futures Mid-Career Fellowship; and a tenured Associate Professor and Head of Department (Conservation and Ecology) at the University of Tasmania. Marnie has also worked in government (Australian Commonwealth and New Zealand), with the United Nations (as a consultant to International Maritime Organisation GloBallast Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organisation), as a consultant to non-governmental organisations (IUCN and WWF), and as a pure researcher at CSIRO in the Centre for Research on Introduced Marine Pests (CRIMP)(Australia).

Her research interests focus on elucidating human mediated effects on marine, coastal and estuarine environments, and developing remediation and management options. This extends to all aspects of the process, including identifying risks, determining how effects occur in space and time, and measuring and mitigating impacts. Specifically, her research focuses on fields of marine bioinvasions and marine ecosystem restoration - fundamentally linked by processes of community assembly. In recent years, her research has expanded to examine risk perceptions (including behavioural intent) and the social implications of hazards to marine and coastal environments.


  • –present
    Chevron Harry Butler Chair in Biosecurity and Environmental Science, Murdoch University


  • 2000 
    Murdoch University, PhD / Environmental Science