PhD Candidate in Philosophy, McGill University

I am currently PhD Candidate in Philosophy at McGill University. I work in philosophy of mind and action, particularly where these overlap with issues in moral psychology.

Most of my research focuses on beliefs. I am interested in what kind of beliefs individuals hold and why they hold them. More specifically, my work has been looking at how irrational agents revise their beliefs and come to their (epistemic) senses, so to speak.

​While most of the debate on irrational phenomena (e.g. wishful thinking, akrasia, self-deception) has been focusing on the question of how we ‘backslide’, my work focuses on the overlooked phenomenon where agents abandon their irrational, albeit oftentimes comforting, beliefs for the price of a cold truth.

In my dissertation I examine the phenomenon of self-deception and develop an account of how individuals cease to be self-deceived.


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    PhD Candidate in Philosophy, McGill University