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Marty Branagan

(He, him)
Senior Lecturer in Peace Studies, University of New England

Marty is the author of 'The Cultural Dimensions of Peacebuilding' (2024), the illustrated novel 'Locked On! The Seventh and Most Illegal in the Hitchhiker's Guide Trilogy' (2018), based on climate activism at Leard Forest and Bentley, NSW, and 'Global Warming, Militarism and Nonviolence: The Art of Active Resistance' (2013, Palgrave Macmillan), among other books.

Marty has published widely on nonviolence issues, including women in activism, recent developments in nonviolence, artistic activism, Australian eco-pax and social justice movements, nonviolence against Nazism, fossil fuel divestment and ethical investment.

He is also a parent, long-term activist, exhibiting artist and rivercare worker.

Among many international conferences he has organised is 'Environmental and Sustainable Peace, Social Justice and Creative Activism: a conference celebrating 40 years of Peace Studies', UNE, 1-5 December 2022


  • 2003–2024
    Senior lecturer, University of New England


  • 2010 
    New England Institute of TAFE NSW, Diploma of Fine Arts
  • 2006 
    UNE, PhD
  • 1992 
    UNE, Grad. Dip. Ed.
  • 1985 
    University of Sydney, BA


  • 2024
    The Cultural Dimensions of Peacebuilding, Anthem
  • 2024
    The Bendigo Three: The Defence of Duress for Nonviolent Climate Activism , New Community
  • 2023
    A Sustainable Peace': an edited special edition , Social Alternatives
  • 2022
    David Branagan, Amongst Australia's Foremost Geologists, Sydney Morning Herald
  • 2022
    Women and Nonviolent Resistance to WWII Nazism, Social Alternatives
  • 2022
    Nonviolence and Sustainability: An Indivisible Connection, Sustainability
  • 2022
    Women and Nonviolent Resistance to Nazism in WWII: Media, Sabotage, Smuggling and Hiding , Social Alternatives
  • 2021
    Reimagining wilderness and the wild in Australia in the wake of bushfires , Routledge
  • 2021
    Women in Environmental Nonviolent Action (chapter), Palgrave Macmillan
  • 2021
    Rethinking Wilderness and the Wild: Conflict, Conservation and Co-existence, Routledge
  • 2021
    Collaborative wilderness preservation and the Franklin River campaign , Routledge
  • 2020
    Tintin: From Violent, Communist-Hating Conservative to Radical, International Journal of Comic Art
  • 2018
    Locked On! The Seventh and Most Illegal in the Hitchhikers Guide Trilogy, Irene Publishing
  • 2014
    Cultivating Peace: Contexts, Practices and Multidimensional Models', Cambridge Scholars
  • 2013
    Global Warming, Militarism and Nonviolence: The Art of Active Resistance, Palgrave Macmillan
  • 2008
    'We Shall Never Be Moved: The Art of Australian Nonviolence, Lambert


New England Award