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I am a designer, photographer, and 3D expert with a primary focus on underwater heritage.

I hold a Master's degree in Cultural Heritage Photography from the ISIA of Urbino, Italy, where I developed an interest in underwater heritage and 3D reconstructions for scientific research and outreach during my final dissertation.

Following my Master's, I held several Research Fellowship positions at the University of Calabria, Italy, where I primarily focused on researching techniques and methods for 3D reconstructions of underwater heritage and the harmonization of scientific diving across European countries. During this period, I had the privilege of surveying several underwater archaeological sites around the Mediterranean Sea and was introduced to VR systems.

Furthermore, I have been an adjunct Professor of "Cultural Heritage Photography" and "Scientific Photography" at the Fine Art Academy of L'Aquila University, Italy.

Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Museum and Heritage studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, where I aim to comprehend the effectiveness of VR experience in creating an interactive space for stimulating reflections on underwater heritage. In particular, my research focuses on Fiordland's underwater natural heritage and the research conducted on black corals, sponges, and sharks.


  • 2023–present
    PhD Candidate, Victoria University of Wellington
  • 2018–2022
    Research Fellow, University of Calabria
  • 2020–2022
    Adjunct Professor, Fine Art Academy of L'Aquila