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Matthew Sparkes

Assistant Professor in Sociology, University of Cambridge

Matthew Sparkes is an Assistant Professor in Sociology and a Director of Studies and Fellow in the Human, Social, and Political Sciences at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.

Matthew's research is centred on examining neoliberal political economy, its origins and associations with financialisation, and the class, gender and cultural dynamics of these processes. His work makes use of a variety of research methods, and cuts across social science scholarship in sociology, cultural studies, economics, politics, geography, and labour history.

Currently, Matthew's research interests lie in two main strands. The first strand focuses on the way politicians and the media utilise narratives to influence policy, particularly in moments of crises, and the consequences of these processes. The second, and more dominant, strand extends his enquires into social stratification processes within credit markets, and how they shape social inequalities.

Before entering academia, Matthew worked as a Debt Advisor for StepChange Debt Charity. He earned his PhD in Sociology and MA in Social Research at the University of York, and his BA in Sociology from Leeds Metropolitan University.


  • –present
    Assistant Professor in Sociology, University of Cambridge