Research Fellow, UNSW

Doctor Megan Weier is a work-in-progress, having personally and politically shifted away from conservative Christian and political ideologies while completing her PhD in critical developmental psychology at the University of Queensland. Her relationships and communities now reflect the influences of progressive faith and politics, anti-racism, feminism, and poststructural thought. Her focus is now to grapple with fundamental human rights for justice which fuels a conviction to speak out on existing inequalities that exist within Australia.

Megan’s personal experiences with mental health challenges, chronic disease and pain, as well as professional engagement with policy making and research on drug and alcohol policy debates have led to complex beliefs about the effects of public policy on personal health and wellbeing. Her research aims to highlight and explore how systemic and institutional forces impact individual outcomes, and to use these findings to advocate for better, more equitable decision making. Her work as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Impact critically engages with ideas around measuring social progress, wellbeing, and program evaluation. Her workplace values prioritise the support, acknowledgement and development of her colleagues. Her research currently includes working with the disability sector, government departments, and community organisations.


  • 2017–2020
    Research Fellow, University of New South Wales