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Researcher, Public Health, University of Cambridge

Melanie has been a researcher at the Department of Public Health for 14 years, following an earlier career as an RAF officer. She is currently funded by LUPUS UK and The lupus trust on several research studies. Her PhD was entitled “The impact of patient-clinician interactions on patients with systemic autoimmune rheumatic diseases”. She is passionate about equality and consistency of care for all, and all research fully involving patients as equal collaborators. Her research has generated significant media interest, with one study reported on the front page of The Times, and has been described by patients as “life-changing” particularly in highlighting that they are not alone in experiencing these symptoms and medical experiences.

Melanie’s research interests are primarily in improving relationships between clinicians and patients, and designing and trialling interventions to improve the lives of patients with systemic autoimmune diseases. Melanie is currently principal investigator/co-PI on the following studies:


  • 2011–2024
    Dr, Department of Public health, Cambridge