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Using a postcolonial theoretical approach to education investigating international education trends. Current PhD research is based on examining the selection and teaching of secondary school literary texts to students from diverse cultural backgrounds in both Australia and the United Kingdom.

A range of postcolonial and education issues are covered under this research including; gaps between high and low achievers, education systems or structure, policy, curriculum, examination testing, teacher training and skills, teacher pedagogy, purpose of education and comparative case studies amongst different countries.

General interests include Postcolonial theory, English Literature, education research, pedagogy and international education systems.


  • 2012–present
    PhD Candidate, Australian National University


  • 2010 
    University of New South Wales, Graduate Diploma in Education
  • 2009 
    Australian National University, Master of Arts (with Honours)
  • 2006 
    University of the West Indies, Bachelor of Arts (with Honours)


  • 2015
    Too pale and stale: Prescribed texts used for teaching culturally diverse students in Australia and England, Oxford Review of Education
  • 2015
    The Trinidadian "Theory of Mind": Personhood and Postcolonial Semantics, International Journal of Language and Culture
  • 2014
    Desperate shadows of ‘Belonging’: Revealing pedagogical issues with teaching prescribed English texts in the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC), Australian Educational Researcher

Professional Memberships

  • University of Oxford (Visiting Fellowship)
  • Higher Education Academy