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PhD Candidate, UNSW Sydney

I am an American marine scientist, currently completing my PhD at UNSW. I have studied abroad since my masters, which was also in marine science at KAUST in Saudi Arabia. I have travelled many places for both work, research, and holidays, but consider Australia my home as it has been where I have lived the longest since high school. I research the process of coral bleaching but more specifically the process of recovery from bleaching by investigating the thermal tolerance of species of symbiotic algae. I am currently working on a literature review that aims to redefine the term recovery to make it more applicable to ecosystems facing climate change. However, I also engage in other science-related stories such as family planning in the face of climate change from the perspective of a female scientist from a large family at an ideal child-bearing age. I recently hosted a Women in STEM seminar and photography exhibit showcasing female scientists at UNSW, and one of the major discussion points was how to be a mom and a scientist as well as how to plan for a family knowing the threats of climate change will affect quality of life in our lifetime.

I am also an advocate for genuine and engaging science communication in many forms, including art and media. To see more of my projects I have led In the SciArt space, visit


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    PhD Candidate, UNSW


  • 2017 
    King Abdullah University of Technology, Marine Science