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PhD student, Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba

I am currently a PhD student at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Education. My research focuses on Disability Studies in Education. I am also an author of a Disability Studies Curriculum, published and certified by Manitoba Education and Training, for high school students. I have been teaching this course to grade 11-12 students in a high school in Manitoba for 3 years. This is the first course in Canada to teach disability studies to high school students consistently as a full semester course.

Areas of interest: disability studies, critical disability studies, disability studies in education, inclusive education, special education, post colonial studies, and contemporary art.

Post-Secondary Education

PhD Student in the Faculty of Education (current-Fall 2019)(University of Manitoba)
Master’s in Inclusive Education (2019)(University of Manitoba)
Post-Baccalaureate in Special Education (2016)(University of Manitoba)
York University-Bachelor of Education(class of 2011)
York University (June 2010) B.A. Honours Degree (Political Science & History)

Positions Held:

Sunrise School Division- Springfield Collegiate: September 2016- Present Oakbank, MB (Student Support Service Teacher - Special Education Teacher)

Western School Division- Morden Collegiate & Ecole Morden Middle School: September 2015-June 2016

Morden, MB (Special Education Resource Teacher)

Portage La Prairie School Division- Portage Collegiate Institute: September 2013-June 2015 Portage La Prairie, MB (Senior Special Education Teacher (Life Skills))

Lakeshore School Division- Fisher Branch Collegiate: January 2013-June 28 2013 Fisher Branch, MB (Guidance Counsellor for grades 5-12 and teach grade 8 (Math, Social Studies and Language Arts) Teacher)

Frontier School Division- Oscar Blackburn School: September 2012- January 7 2013 South Indian Lake, MB (Grade 8-10 English Language Arts, Geography, Social Studies and Health Teacher).

Publication and Works

Baker, M. (2020, December 02). Students with disabilities should have the option of in-person learning during COVID-19 school closures. Retrieved December 09, 2020, from

Baker, M (2020, September) No Good Way to Use the R Word. The Manitoba Teacher, Volume 99, Number 1, pg. 10

Mcfee, J. (2019, December) Breaking Barriers. The Manitoba Teacher, Volume 97, Number 3, Pg. 10 [Article is about my work]

Baker, M. (2019). Multi-Sensory Environments: A Qualitative Exploration. (University of Manitoba, Faculty of Graduate Studies).

Baker, M. (2019). Multi-Sensory Environments: A Qualitative Exploration. (International Snoezelen Association & Multisensory Environment (ISNA-MSE)).

(Curriculum and Course Development) Introduction to Disability Studies 41G (Grade 11-12) School Initiated Course (SIC) (Approved & Published : Manitoba Education and Training) (2017-2018).


Principal Researcher: Baker, M. (2019). Multi-Sensory Environments: A Qualitative Exploration. (University of Manitoba, Faculty of Graduate Studies).

Conference Presentations

Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity. (Entitled: Exploring Multi-Sensory Environments, Snoezelen and Inclusive Education) (Honolulu, Hawaii. March 2020)

Canadian Conference on Developmental Disabilities and Autism(CCDDA) (Entitled: Disability Studies and Inclusion: Breaking Down Barriers)(Winnipeg, 2019)(Victoria Inn and Convention Centre).

6th Annual Robarts Graduate Conference: Canada on the Edge? People, Places and Perspectives (Entitled: Disability Studies and Inclusive Education: Dare We Do Disability Studies in Canadian High Schools?) (Toronto Ont.)( York University- Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies Seventh Floor, Kaneff Tower May 2019)

3rd Annual Peace and Conflict Studies International Graduate Student Conference: Transformative Pathways to Peace: Exploring local and global strategies for action (Entitled: Disability Studies & Inclusive Education: Dare We Do Disability Studies in High School?) (Winnipeg MB)(University of Manitoba- Mauro Centre For Peace & Justice At St. Paul’s College February 2019)

Pre-Conference Presentation + Video (Inclusive Education) Opening Doors to the Good Things in Life: 7th International SRV Conference. (Winnipeg MB) (Fairmont Hotel 2018)


  • 2019–2020
    PhD Student- Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba