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PhD Candidate & Sessional Lecturer Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba

I am currently a PhD Candidate and Sessional Lecturer at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Education. My research focuses on Disability Studies in Education. I am also an author of a Disability Studies Curriculum, published and certified by Manitoba Education and Training, for high school students. I have been teaching this course to grade 11-12 students in a high school in Manitoba for 3 years. This is the first course in Canada to teach disability studies to high school students consistently as a full semester course.

Areas of interest: disability studies, critical disability studies, disability studies in education, inclusive education, special education, post colonial studies, and contemporary art.

Post-Secondary Education

PhD Student in the Faculty of Education (current-Fall 2019)(University of Manitoba)
Master’s in Inclusive Education (2019)(University of Manitoba)
Post-Baccalaureate in Special Education (2016)(University of Manitoba)
York University-Bachelor of Education(class of 2011)
York University (June 2010) B.A. Honours Degree (Political Science & History)

Positions Held:

Sunrise School Division- Springfield Collegiate: September 2016- Present Oakbank, MB (Student Support Service Teacher - Special Education Teacher)

Western School Division- Morden Collegiate & Ecole Morden Middle School: September 2015-June 2016

Morden, MB (Special Education Resource Teacher)

Portage La Prairie School Division- Portage Collegiate Institute: September 2013-June 2015 Portage La Prairie, MB (Senior Special Education Teacher (Life Skills))

Lakeshore School Division- Fisher Branch Collegiate: January 2013-June 28 2013 Fisher Branch, MB (Guidance Counsellor for grades 5-12 and teach grade 8 (Math, Social Studies and Language Arts) Teacher)

Frontier School Division- Oscar Blackburn School: September 2012- January 7 2013 South Indian Lake, MB (Grade 8-10 English Language Arts, Geography, Social Studies and Health Teacher).

Publication and Works

Macintosh, M. (2021, November 30). Teacher alleges ableism in union survey. Retrieved December 2, 2021, from

Baker, M. (2020, December 02). Students with disabilities should have the option of in-person learning during COVID-19 school closures. Retrieved December 09, 2020, from

Baker, M (2020, September) No Good Way to Use the R Word. The Manitoba Teacher, Volume 99, Number 1, pg. 10

Mcfee, J. (2019, December) Breaking Barriers. The Manitoba Teacher, Volume 97, Number 3, Pg. 10 [Article is about my work]

Baker, M. (2019). Multi-Sensory Environments: A Qualitative Exploration. (University of Manitoba, Faculty of Graduate Studies).

Baker, M. (2019). Multi-Sensory Environments: A Qualitative Exploration. (International Snoezelen Association & Multisensory Environment (ISNA-MSE)).

(Curriculum and Course Development) Introduction to Disability Studies 41G (Grade 11-12) School Initiated Course (SIC) (Approved & Published : Manitoba Education and Training) (2017-2018).


Principal Researcher: Baker, M. (2019). Multi-Sensory Environments: A Qualitative Exploration. (University of Manitoba, Faculty of Graduate Studies).

Conference Presentations

Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity. (Entitled: Exploring Multi-Sensory Environments, Snoezelen and Inclusive Education) (Honolulu, Hawaii. March 2020)

Canadian Conference on Developmental Disabilities and Autism(CCDDA) (Entitled: Disability Studies and Inclusion: Breaking Down Barriers)(Winnipeg, 2019)(Victoria Inn and Convention Centre).

6th Annual Robarts Graduate Conference: Canada on the Edge? People, Places and Perspectives (Entitled: Disability Studies and Inclusive Education: Dare We Do Disability Studies in Canadian High Schools?) (Toronto Ont.)( York University- Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies Seventh Floor, Kaneff Tower May 2019)

3rd Annual Peace and Conflict Studies International Graduate Student Conference: Transformative Pathways to Peace: Exploring local and global strategies for action (Entitled: Disability Studies & Inclusive Education: Dare We Do Disability Studies in High School?) (Winnipeg MB)(University of Manitoba- Mauro Centre For Peace & Justice At St. Paul’s College February 2019)

Pre-Conference Presentation + Video (Inclusive Education) Opening Doors to the Good Things in Life: 7th International SRV Conference. (Winnipeg MB) (Fairmont Hotel 2018)


  • 2019–2020
    PhD Student- Faculty of Education, University of Manitoba