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PhD candidate in biodiversity management, University of Kent

I have submitted my PhD thesis entitled 'Conservation Management of the Mountain Chicken Frog' which I undertook at the Institute of Zoology (Zoological Society of London), Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (University of Kent).

My PhD focusses on the emergence and impact of chytridiomycosis on the mountain chicken frog and the testing of two conservation approaches aimed at mitigating the ongoing impact of the disease. These were a worlds first reported use of an field based anti-fungal treatment and reintroductions of captive bred mountain chickens. This project is an important case study for interventions to tackle one of the greatest threats currently facing amphibians globally.

I also have an MSc in Conservation Science from Imperial College London and a BSc in Biology from the University of Bath.


  • 2012–2016
    PhD Student, Insitute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London; Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust; University of Kent


  • 2011 
    Imperial College London, MSc Conservation Sciene


  • 2016
    Dynamics and genetics of a disease-driven species decline to near extinction: lessons for conservation, Scientific Reports
  • 2016
    In-Situ itraconazole treatment improves survival rate during an amphibian chytridiomycosis epidemic, Biological Conservation
  • 2014
    Accounting for conservation: Using the IUCN Red List Index to evaluate the impact of a conservation organization , Biological Conservation
  • 2014
    An overview of current efforts to conserve the critically endangered mountain chicken (Leptodactylus fallax) on Dominica, Herpetological Bulletin
  • 2013
    Areas of high diversity for the world’s inland-breeding waterbirds, Biodiversity and Conservation