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Werklund Research Professor, Masculinities Studies, University of Calgary

As a masculinities scholar in education my research has primarily focused on the intersection of adolescent boys, men and the counter heteronormative practices in the day to day experiences in and outside of school. My research examines: men as change agents; male bodies and the culture of sport as a context to resist heterosexism and homophobia; boys, literacies, and homophobia; the social interactions of boys/men and the performativity and expressions of masculinities; adolescent boys and body image issues, sex education and a discourse of present/absent masculinities, masculinized spaces and the negotiation of masculinities among men in locker rooms and in school; and qualitative research processes for gaining access to the narratives of masculinities. This research has been largely funded through Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) as well as a being generously funded currently as a Research Professor in Masculinities Studies with the supported of the Silver Gummy Foundation


  • –present
    Werklund Research Professor, Masculinities Studies, University of Calgary
  • 2000–2017
    Associate professor, University of Western Ontario


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  • 2020
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