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Michaela Schultz

Graduate Student in Biology, Boston University

I am a Ph.D candidate aimed at graduating late this year. I have studied arboviruses and mosquitoes since 2010 starting with dengue virus antibody dependent enhancement and maturation (2010-2013) to investigation of the mosquito microbiome (2013-2016), to my current work investigating which strains of Wolbachia best inhibit Zika virus (2015-2016). I recently published in the Journal of Virology offering new Wolbachia strains for the control of Zika virus. I am currently resolving the mechanism by which Wolbachia inhibits ZIKV by combining by background in virology with my expertise of mosquito cell culture systems.


  • –present
    Graduate researcher of arbovirus-vector studies, Boston University


  • 2017 
    Boston University, Ph.D. Molecular, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry