Ph.D. Student in Education, Utah State University

Mitchell Colver is a doctoral student in Education at Utah State University. He holds a master's degree in Experimental Psychology and a bachelor's in Psychology/Music. His research focuses on a broad range of topics that emphasize human potential, agency, and growth. He has taught courses in psychology, music psychology, education, courtship & attraction, diversity, and leadership. He currently resides in northern Utah with his wife and four children.

In progress - Ph.D. in Education: Curriculum & Instruction - Utah State University
2010 - M.S. in Experimental Psychology - Eastern Washington University
2007 - B.A. in Psychology / Music - Brigham Young University - Hawaii

Colver, M., & Fry, T. (2016). Evidence to Support Peer Tutoring Programs at the Undergraduate Level. Journal of College Reading and Learning, 46(1), 16-41.

Colver, M. C., & El-Alayli, A. (2015). Getting aesthetic chills from music: The connection between openness to experience and frisson. Psychology of Music, 0305735615572358.

Colver M. C. (2013). Study Simpler: Study Skills Development. Independent Publication: Cheney, WA.


  • –present
    International Student Orientation Coordinator, Utah State University