Founding Manager, Center for Student Analytics, Utah State University

Dr. Mitchell Colver began working in higher education in 2007, where his early experiences with students taught him to focus on the value of human diversity and human potential. As a thought leader in the field of analytics, he is frequently invited to champion the idea that student success can best be fostered through increased intentionality amongst faculty, staff, and executives. Dr. Colver and his team believe that human empowerment and collaboration are the most powerful tools that 21st century institutions have in their arsenal to optimize the student ecosystem. Mitchell has degrees in Psychology, Music, and Experimental Research, as well as a PhD emphasizing research in Higher Education. His research has appeared in Popular Science, Slate, Smithsonian, New York Magazine, and, internationally, on Radio BBC. He offers courses in music psychology, learning sciences, diversity, change leadership, and analytics. An honorary appointment as a visiting scholar at London South Bank University has allowed him to enjoy ongoing research in the UK about institutional effectiveness and student well-being. His prominence in the field of education has also allowed him to serve as an analytics and change-management consultant for universities across the nation and globe. He is the father of six children and married to a woman whose support makes his professional pursuits possible and meaningful.

Sample Publications:
Colver, M. (2018). The lifecycle of sustainable analytics: From data collection to change management. Center for Student Analytics: Utah State University.

Colver, M., & Fry, T. (2016). Evidence to Support Peer Tutoring Programs at the Undergraduate Level. Journal of College Reading and Learning, 46(1), 16-41.

Colver, M. C., & El-Alayli, A. (2015). Getting aesthetic chills from music: The connection between openness to experience and frisson. Psychology of Music, 0305735615572358.

Colver M. C. (2013). Study Simpler: Study Skills Development. Independent Publication: Cheney, WA.


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    International Student Orientation Coordinator, Utah State University