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Adjunct professor in Natural Resources, University of Manitoba

I am a behavioural ecologist with research interests in conservation and evolutionary ecology. In particular, I am interested in animal communication and how animals acquire information and to what extent they use it to aid in their survival and reproduction. My current research projects focus on understanding the factors that contribute to population and individual differences in acoustic signals and behaviours and the role this plays in adaptation to rapid change, such as urbanisation and human impacts.

I completed a B.Sc at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC; a MS in Tropical Conservation Biology at University of Hawaii-Hilo in the USA, and a PhD in Behavioural Ecology at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, followed by research experience in grassland ecosystems with the Koper Lab at the Natural Resources Institute at the University of Manitoba. I was also previously an assistant professor of biology, ecology and conservation at St. George's University (July 2015- June 2018), West Indies, where I still have active research projects on avian communication systems (Bananaquit, island-wide avian surveys).I n addition, I have worked with/for industry, non-for-profit and government organizations as an ecologist.


  • 2015–2018
    Assistant professor, St. George's University
  • 2013–2018
    Adjunct professor, University of Manitoba


  • 2014 
    Macquarie University, Ph.D in Behavioural Ecology
  • 2008 
    University of Hawaii at Hilo, M.S. in Tropical Conservation Biology and Envirornmental Sciences
  • 2003 
    University of British Columbia, B.Sc in Biology