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Adjunct professor in Natural Resources, University of Manitoba

I am a behavioural ecologist with research interests in the evolution and ecology of animal behaviour with a focus on conservation biology and animal adaptations to environmental change. My research combines field-based mensurative and manipulative experiments with laboratory approaches (e.g. genetics) to explore the evolutionary and ecological drivers of cooperation, and behavioural response to impacts of natural environmental change, and human-induced disturbances (e.g. traffic, noise, and industrial activity) and climate change.


  • 2013–2018
    Adjunct professor, University of Manitoba
  • 2015–2018
    Assistant professor, St. George's University


  • 2014 
    Macquarie University, Ph.D in Behavioural Ecology
  • 2008 
    University of Hawaii at Hilo, M.S. in Tropical Conservation Biology and Envirornmental Sciences
  • 2003 
    University of British Columbia, B.Sc in Biology