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Mohamed Taha's research project aims to address the various aspects of the political communication strategies during Mohamed Morsi's presidential campaign (May 2012), during the Constitution Decree crisis in (November 2012) and finally during the clash with the army that led to the removal of Morsi after only one year in office (June 2013). It will also discuss Morsi’s controversial Constitutional Decree in November 2012 that empowered him further, and that was meant to avoid dissolving the Parliament and hindering his effort to finalising the new constitution for the country. Therefore, specific questions need to be part of this research. Namely, 'What are the main political communication messages that led to the Muslim Brotherhood's success in politics in 2012 and the aftermath of the January uprising culminating with the presidency of Morsi in June 2012?'


  • –present
    PhD Candidate, SOAS, University of London