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Monica E. Madyaningrum

Lecturer in community psychology, Universitas Sanata Dharma

Dr. Monica E. Madyaningrum has an expertise in the field of community psychology. Her research interests are in the areas of community empowerment, disability studies and participatory methodologies. Her current position in Sanata Dharma University is as the head of department for the undergraduate program in psychology. In addition to her academic position, she has been involved in disability activism. In collaboration with a local non-government organization, she is currently developing a support group for families of children with multiple disabilities in Bantul District, Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia. She received her PhD, from the School of Health and Biomedicine, Victoria University with a thesis on the roles of disability organisations as empowering settings. With Dicky Pelupessy (Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia) and Jony Eko Yulianto (Faculty of Psychology, Ciputra University), she has been involved in developing community psychology network in Indonesia, as a platform for promoting critical and contextual psychological studies and praxis.