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Mudrik Rahmawan Daryono

Senior research scientist, Badan Riset dan Inovasi Nasional (BRIN)

Mudrik Rahmawan Daryono is Senior Researcher / Associate Professor for Earthquake Geology – Paleoseismology at the National Research and Innovation Agency of Indonesia (BRIN). 2016, He has a doctorate with cum laude in Graduate Research on Earthquake and Active Tectonics (GREAT) - Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in the field of earthquakes geology - paleoseismology entitled "Paleoseismology of Tropical Indonesia (Cases study in the Sumatran Fault, Palukoro- Matano Fault, and Lembang Fault) ". Researcher's career is to study the characteristics of earthquake based on geological data. First earthquake project is a double earthquake events of magnitude 6 in Solok, West Sumatra. This research succeeded in documenting the surface ruptures of the earthquake well. This study shows the exact source location of Sianok Segment and Sumani Segment sites (Parts of Sumatran Fault in West Sumatra Province). This is the first publication about actual surface rupture in Sumatran Fault and first in Indonesia. The next achievement is studying the earthquake active fault source of the Palukoro Fault, Central Sulawesi. This study successfully obtains proof of a magnitude ~7 of 1909 earthquake event and the possibility the repetition event around 2014 (and happen in September 2018 with magnitude 7.5). Two months before the 2018 big earthquake event, He explain the research result to the Governor of Central Sulawesi. Then the next achievement is in Lembang Fault study in West Java. The research succeeded in obtaining "undeniable" obvious evidence of big earthquake event in the geological recordings at Century-15 AD and 60 BC. These results have a strong impact on the continued research and mitigation of this disaster in the Java region.


  • 2006–2022
    Researcher, Indonesian Institute of Sciences LIPI / National Research and Innovation Agency - BRIN