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Muzammal Ahmad Khan

Lecturer in Business and Management, University of the West of Scotland

Dr Muzammal Ahmad Khan is a lecturer in Management at the School of Business and Creative Industries at The University of the West of Scotland. I am currently working as a programme leader for the BA Business (Hons) undergraduate course. I have educated students and designed creative lesson plans on various topics on Business Ethics, Business Emerging Issues, Sustainability, Sustainable development goals, Global Citizenship, Strategic Management, and a number of other topics. My doctoral research was driven by unethical practices that I noticed during his time in the textile industry and this has led him to research in the field of responsible social and environmental practices and business ethics, with a particular passion for how this impacts corporate social and environmental behaviour. I have published a number of articles on these interesting topics and continues to research into new and emerging areas of interest.

His teaching and learning practice has allowed him to pass on these interests to his students. the recent Covid-19 pandemic has changed how teaching and learning methods are delivered and have focused attention on how the pandemic has affected business practices and also student interaction with these subject area and their overall learning experience. His recent research has continued to look at the areas of social and environmental responsibility and ethics in business but has now branched out into researching the student experience during the pandemic, particularly that of their learning, teaching, and assessment experiences


  • 2018–present
    Lecturer in Business and Management, University of the West of Scotland