Lecturer in Education, Lancaster University

I am a Lecturer in Education and I am passionate about three main research themes in relation to education and community: 1) multimodality and critical semiotics of teacher-student practice, research methods, communication and experience, as well as related critical theories, 2) art and artefact based research and practices (praxis) addressing educational and community needs/issues and 3) any questions concerning student or teacher well-being, creativity and empowerment.

Before coming to Lancaster, I spent four years at the University of Nottingham, exploring the role of multimodal artefacts-oriented design in HE teaching-learning that I developed, with a special focus on digital images (my PhD). All the time I was working on parallel research projects to supplement my international fees due to the EU/UK status of my scholarship and my international PhD student status. Therefore, I engaged in various projects tackling new conceptualisations of graduate employability, heritage artefacts visualisations in education, the role of microblogging in HE classroom, Black and Ethnic Minority students’ achievement, among other projects. Prior to Nottingham, I did my MA at the Institute of Education, London, exploring the role of language and literature textbooks’ images (alongside literature excerpts) relating to critical theories of national identity formation.


  • –present
    Lecturer in Education, Lancaster University


  • 2014 
    The University of Nottingham, PhD in Education