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Neda Sharifi Soltani

Academic Casual, School of Natural Sciences, Macquarie University

As a PhD research fellow, I am involved in different projects all about contaminants in dust and soil including:

- VEGESAFE project as a community Science program: Geospatial and statistical analysis of soil samples trace elements all around Australian cities.

- DustSafe Project: Geospatial analysis of trace elements in vacuum dust samples collected in Sydney-Australia.

- Global Investigation of Microplastics as contemporary contaminants and probable bearing particles in indoor air samples.

My previous experience and expertise could be summarized as follow:

Geochemical data analyst with a strong background in Geographical Information System for different approaches including modeling potential exploration zones and Environmental studies.

Involved in different projects when I was employed at the Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) including:

- Geochemical spatial data Analysis of Yazd-Iran Exploration Zone

- Integration and Modeling geospatial data of Kharturan Zone (Semnan province) for Exploration

- Geochemical spatial data Analysis of Kashmar-Bardskan Exploration Zone

- Geochemical spatial data Analysis of Northern Khorasan with exploration approach

- Cartography and Marine Geochemical data analysis of Chalus-Hachiroud sheets for Environmental approaches

- Fuzzy-AHP modeling method of geospatial data of Abrisham-Rud towards Copper exploration

- ATLAS of Geological map, Total of the airborne magnetic field, satellite photo-map and map of minerals of Iran

- Environmental urban geochemistry of heavy metals in soils of Hamedan-IRAN

I was also satisfied with volunteer works including:

- Translation of Geological Methods in Mineral Exploration and Mining (English to Persian)

- Translation of the ATLAS of Iran's Geology and Mineral Distribution: With Maps on Scale 1:250.000

- Editorial board of Geoscience and Mining journal (GSI)