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PhD candidate in Mammalian Palaeobiology, University of Leicester

I am a PhD candidate at the University of Leicester, where I study the evolutionary history and diversity of mammals.

Principally my research focuses on the mammals that lived during and immediately after the time of the dinosaurs. I reconstruct their diets and ecology using the latest techniques in dietary analysis, which include looking at microscopic wear formed on tooth surfaces during feeding and at the broader form and function of mammal teeth.

I also study modern living mammals, whose lifestyles we know far more about, to give us greater insight into the roles extinct mammals played in their ecosystems.

Before starting my PhD, I conducted research on fossil mammals and fossil plants at the University of Bristol and Royal Holloway University of London as part of my undergraduate and master's degrees.


  • –present
    PhD candidate in Mammalian Palaeobiology, University of Leicester


  • 2017 
    University of Bristol, MSc in Palaeobiology
  • 2015 
    Royal Holloway University of London, BSc in Physical Geography and Geology

Professional Memberships

  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy