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Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol

I am a statistical epidemiologist within the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit with expertise in causal inference methods. The two main areas of my research are pharmacoepidemiology and Mendelian randomization.

I have applied and developed methods of using a statistical approach known as instrumental variable analysis to investigate the causal effects of prescription medications. For example, I have investigated the potential beneficial and adverse effects of anti-depressants, smoking cessation medications and anti-inflammatories. I have used data from large databases of electronic medical records such as the Clinical Practice Research Database and Hospital Episodes Statistics database.

A second area of my research involves developing methods for Mendelian randomization studies. Mendelian randomization uses individual genetic variants of known effects to make inferences about the causal effects of modifiable risk factors for disease. This approach can overcome problems which faced by traditional observational studies.


  • 2022–2023
    Prof, University College London
  • 2012–2022
    Dr, University of Bristol