Professor, Director Extremes Research Group, Bangor University

Neil is Director of the Extremes Research Group in the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences. Neil has published many journal articles, is a co-author of a textbook in Exercise Immunology (2013) and led a highly cited position statement with the world’s leaders on this topic for the journal, Exercise Immunology Review. He serves on the editorial board of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, Exercise Immunology Review and Journal of Sports Sciences. One aspect of his team’s work includes investigating the influence of environmental extremes on the immune response and another to investigate countermeasures to the immune impairment experienced by those under heavy training. Neil’s recent work on this topic, funded by the MOD, UK, has shown the benefits of preventing nutritional deficits in soldiers for both immune health and physical performance. His team has recently developed a novel skin patch test to assess immune function in laboratory, clinical and field settings. He has also published work showing that saliva and now tear fluid can be used to assess hydration and immune status.


  • 2000–2015
    Prof Physiology, Bangor University