Nicholas Ross Smith

Postdoctoral Fellow, National Centre for Research on Europe, University of Canterbury

Nicholas Ross Smith is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Canterbury’s National Centre for Research on Europe. His main research areas include geopolitics in Eastern Europe, EU foreign policy, Russian foreign policy, democratisation and geoeconomics in an emerging multipolar world. He has published a number of journal articles, book chapters and commentaries on these topics (and others) and also has published a book which looks at EU-Russian relations and the Ukraine crisis (with Edward Elgar).


  • 2016–present
    Postdoctoral fellow, University of Canterbury


  • 2016 
    University of Auckland, PhD (Politics & International Relations)


  • 2016
    The EU under a realist scope: Employing a neoclassical realist approach for the analysis of the EU’s foreign trade policy towards Ukraine up until the onset of the crisis, International Relations,
  • 2016
    EU-Russian Relations and the Ukraine Crisis, Edward Elgar
  • 2015
    The EU and Russia’s conflicting regime preferences in Ukraine: Assessing regime promotion strategies in the scope of the Ukraine crisis, European Security
  • 2014
    The Underpinning Realpolitik of the EU’s Policies towards Ukraine: An Analysis of Interests and Norms in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, European Foreign Affairs Review