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Senior Lecturer in Social Sciences, CPsychol, FHEA, University of Bristol

Background: I have a degree in Psychology, an MSc in Applied Psychology and PhD in Human Geography. I am a Chartered Psychologist and also work as an Intersectional Psychotherapist in private practice. I have worked in community organisations and held various research and teaching positions in universities across England and Wales. I hold positions at a number of charities across the UK.

My research interests are areas of expertise: human behaviour, mental health, inequalities, equality and inclusion, ageing, ethnicity, religion (esp Muslims in the UK), gender and place, racism and representation in Higher Education

My particular interest is in the dynamic interaction of people and place, how people transform the spaces the inhabit, and in turn and changed by those spaces.

My current research focuses on developing trauma informed care and decolonisation of the curriculum.


  • 2019–present
    Lecturer in Social Sciences, University of Bristol