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Noel Caplice is a Clinician Scientist with over 25 years experience having received medical and scientific training in Ireland, Australia and USA. He is clinical / interventional cardiologist and researcher in vascular and molecular biology. He trained with some of world's foremost authorities in vascular biology( Australia -PhD) and interventional cardiology (Mayo Clinic-Fellowship)). He has held senior positions including Chair and director positions in Ireland (UCC) and USA (Mayo Clinic) over the past 15 years at Assoc and Full Professor level. He has published over 180 papers in the scientific literature as manuscripts and conference papers and his work has been cited > 9000 times with an H-index ~50. He has won numerous international awards including three Young Investigator awards , the Stokes medal in Cardiology and University Inventor of the year in 2013 and 2015. He is a founding member of the Irish Academy of Medical Sciences. He has mentored fellows to Young investigator awards at American Heart (AHA), American College (ACC) and Irish Cardiac Society. He holds 10 US/EU patents. He is currently an Academic Professor at UCC, interventional cardiologist at CUH, and a cardiovascular educator directing the centre for research in vascular biology (CRVB)-at UCC. He recently led a first in man trial of low dose IGF1 for acute myocardial infarction repair in patients with poor systolic function. He is a principal investigator at Microbiome Ireland and a major current focus of his group is on the mechanistic link between poor diet, microbiome alterations and cardiometabolic disease (the major global health challenge of the 21st century). He serves on the advisory board of a number of world's leading multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and as a scientific consultant.


  • 2005–2020
    Consultant Cardiologist, Cork University Hospital
  • 2005–2020
    Professor, Cardiovascular Sciences, University College Cork