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Lecturer of Human Geography, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University

Dr. Patrick Bigger is a lecturer in the critical geographies group within LEC. His research examines the ways in which financial actors and their logics and practices are being brought to bear on diverse, but interrelated, environmental crises.

Conceptually, his interests include the relationships between environmental-financial products and environmental regulations/regulators; how environmental-financial products fit into broader trends in finance; and how environmental finance values (including, but beyond price) the nature it is attempting to protect. His work focuses primarily on climate change mitigation and adaptation, but also touches on associated environmental problems, particularly biodiversity loss through land use changes.

Patrick completed his doctoral dissertation at the University of Kentucky (USA) Department of Geography, which examined the creation and operation of California's cap-and-trade greenhouse gas emissions trading program, in which he continues to be interested in, particularly as the California model is adopted elsewhere. Prior to joining the Lancaster Environment Centre, Dr. Bigger was a Marie Curie Fellow for the European Network for Political Ecology at the School of Environment, Education and Development, University of Manchester.