Patrick Crittenden

Researcher and PhD Student, University of Technology Sydney

Patrick Crittenden is a researcher and PhD student at the University of Technology Sydney, International Visiting Scholar at the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute, City University of New York and Director of Sustainable Business Pty Ltd.
Patrick has partnered with university, corporate and government clients on research and consulting projects that span corporate climate change strategy, energy efficiency training and education and energy efficiency policy development.
Key projects include advising on the development and implementation of the Australian Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act (2006), developing a stakeholder engagement strategy to support the introduction of national energy management legislation in Mongolia, and reviewing the International Energy Agency's recently published Policy Pathway on Energy Management Programmes for Industry. Patrick has recently submitted his doctoral thesis, which examines the strategies and practices that leading businesses in Australia have developed to significantly improve their energy efficiency performance. The findings from his research provide important insights into the actions that policymakers and practitioners can take to accelerate the adoption of effective energy management systems and practices in organisations.