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Director, Centre for Law, Governance and Public Policy, Bond University

Professor Keyzer is an internationally acknowledged expert in constitutional law and human rights, representing clients in the High Court of Australia and the United Nations Human Rights Committee. He was shortlisted for an Australian Human Rights Award in 2010 for his longstanding commitment to social justice and pro bono representation of indigent people.

Professor Keyzer has diverse research interests. He is Lead Chief Investigator of the Australian Fitness Industry Risk Management (“AFIRM”) Project, a research project funded by the Australian Research Council, Fitness Australia and Sports Medicine Australia, which is presently analysing risk management practices in the Australian fitness industry, with the objective of reducing injury risk.

Professor Keyzer has also conducted ARC-funded research on the offshore processing of asylum seekers and the preventive detention of high risk offenders. In 2013 Professor Keyzer was invited by the Standing Council on Law and Justice to prepare an expert report on Juries and Social Media. In 2013 Patrick also led a research team funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme Practical Design Fund to produce “Discover”, a self-help guide to the NDIS for people with intellectual disability, their parents and carers.