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Teaching Fellow in Buddhist Studies, The University of Edinburgh

I have two main areas of research. My PhD was a study of 'views' (diṭṭhi) in the Pāli Canon. This explored the textual basis of discrimination and attachment in early Buddhism. It describes how Buddhist teachings attempt to overcome these hindrances without producing craving. This was published as 'The Notion of Ditthi in Theravada Buddhism: The Point of View' (Routledge, 2004).

My early research prompted questions about how belief and attachment are factors in modern forms of Buddhism. Therefore I have interests in Engaged Buddhism, the prevalence of blasphemy in Buddhist culture, and political and chauvinistic expressions of Buddhism.

My recent research and publications attempt to understand how modern Buddhist movements are anticipated in the earlier textual tradition. It explores possible interpretations of Buddhist identity based on ethnicity and nationalism.


  • –present
    Lecturer in Buddhist Studies, Cardiff University


  • 2003 
    University of Bristol, PhD