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Associate Professor of Urban/Regional Planning, University of Western Australia

I am Programme Co-ordinator for the Masters in Urban and Regional Planning programme at UWA.

My primary research expertise/interests are: (i) geographies and regulation of the sex industry, (ii) geographies of online pornography, (iii) strategic metropolitan planning; (iv) urban policy/regeneration; (v) urban politics and representation; and (vi) social and cultural aspects of suburbia.

I am co-editor of (Sub)Urban Sexscapes: Geographies and Regulation of the Sex Industry (Routledge, 2015) which won the 2016 Planning Institute of Australia (National) Award for Excellence in Cutting Edge Research and Teaching. I have also written on male sex work issues in Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland with Dr Graham Ellison (QUB) for the edited volume Male Sex Work and Society (Eds. Minichiello, V. & Scott, J.) published by Harrington Park Press. Dr Ellison and I also have a paper - Ulster Says No! The Regulation of Commercial Sex Spaces in Northern Ireland - published in Urban Studies.

My research on urban planning has focused on strategic metropolitan planning and planning reform within Australia. My research on urban regeneration, urban policy and urban politics has focused on Perth, Western Australia. And my research on suburbia focuses on the Australian experience with particular emphasis on the major capital city regions.

I am the author/co-editor of 5 other books:

1. Gurran, N., Maginn, P.J., Burton, P., Legacy, C., Curtis, C., Kent, A. & Binder, A. (Eds) (2020) Disruptive Urbanism: Implications of the ‘Sharing Economy’ for Cities, Regions, and Urban Policy (Routledge);

2. Thompson, S. & Maginn P.J. (Eds) (2012) Planning Australia: An Overview of Urban and Regional Planning (2nd Ed) (Cambridge University Press);

3. Maginn, P.J., Thompson, S. and Tonts, M. (2008a) Qualitative Urban Analysis: An International Perspective (Elsevier);

4. Maginn, P.J., Thompson, S. and Tonts, M. (2008b) Qualitative Housing Analysis: An International Perspective (Emerald Publishing);

5. Maginn, P. J. (2004) Urban Regeneration, Community Power and the (In)Significance of Race (Ashgate).

I am Editor-in-Chief for Urban Policy and Research, Australia's leading urban studies journal.

Finally, I am a founding member of the Urban Broadcast Collective (@UrbanPodcasts), a curated network of podcasts from Australian urban studies academics. My own podcast - the (Sub)Urbanisata Podcast (@SuburbanistaPod) - focuses on all things urban and suburban within Australia and internationally.


  • 2007–present
    Assoc Professor/Programme Co-ordinator (Urban/Regional Planning), University of Western Australia
  • 2005–2007
    Lecturer (Urban and Regional Planning), University of South Australia
  • 2003–2005
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Edith Cowan University
  • 2003–2003
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, London South Bank University


  • 2002 
    London South Bank University, PhD
  • 1992 
    Queen's University of Belfast, PG Diploma (Town and Country Planning)
  • 1990 
    University of Ulster (Coleraine), BSc (Hons) Regional Analysis and Development

Research Areas

  • Human Geography (1604)
  • Urban And Regional Planning (1205)