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Lecturer in Human Geography and Urban Development, Manchester Metropolitan University

Academic Interests:

-Resilience and adaptive practice
-Community and stakeholder involvement in decision-making
-Contemporary Urbanism & Planning

Teaching Specialisms:

-Introducing Human Geographies
-Tutorial & Field Activities (Geography)
-Fieldwork and Research Design (Geography - Malta)
-Contemporary Urbanism & Planning
-Third Year Project (supervisor)

Selected Publications:

Paul O'Hare & Iain White (2013) 'Deconstructing Resilience: Lessons from Planning Practice' Special Edition of Planning Practice and Research, DOI:10.1080/02697459.2013.787721
- Coaffee, J. & O'Hare, P. (2011) 'Co-Opting Urban Planners into the 'War on Terror': A 'Balanced Way' for Domestic Security', International Studies Review, 13(2), pp. 376-381.
- O'Hare, P., Coaffee, J. & Hawkesworth, M. (2010) 'Managing Sensitive Relations in Planning Policy Research: Co-production and Critical Friendship in the Enterprising University', in C. Allen & R. Imrie (eds.) The Knowledge Business: The Commodification of Urban and Housing Research, Ashgate, Farnham, pp. 149-168.
- O'Hare, P., Coaffee, J. & Hawkesworth, M. (2010) 'Managing Sensitive Relations in Co- Produced Planning Research', Public Money and Management, 30(4), pp 243-250.
- O'Hare, P. (2010) 'Capacity building for community-led regeneration: Facilitating or frustrating public engagement?' International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 30(1/2), pp. 32-47.
- Coaffee, J., O'Hare, P. & Hawkesworth, M. (2009) 'The visibility of (in)security: The aesthetics of urban defences against terrorism' Security Dialogue, 40(4-5), pp. 489-511.
- Coaffee, J. & O'Hare, P. (2008) 'Urban resilience and national security: The role for planning', Urban Design and Planning, 161(DP4), pp. 173-182.
- McClymont, K. & O'Hare. P. (2008) 'We're not NIMBYS! Contrasting local protest groups with idealised conceptions of sustainable communities', Local Environment, 13(4), 1-15.


  • –present
    Lecturer in Human Geography & Urban Development, University of Manchester