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Professor of Epidemiology and Statistics, University of Bristol

In the last three decades the number of cot deaths, also known as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) has fallen in the UK (from over 1500 deaths to around 200 a year), an 87% decrease due in no small part to the observational studies and evidence-base we have created at the UoB. We have been instrumental in not only identifying the risk factors but ensuring parents receive the best advice to make infomed choices about safe infant care practices. Getting involved with international organisations (scientific advisor to UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative and chair of ISPID (International Society for the study and prevention of Perinatal and Infant Death)) has maximised this impact. My wider research interests include i) safe infant care practices ii) infant and child growth iii) childhood sleep iv) infant and childhood injuries and v) infant and childhood illness (in particular reducing antibiotic prescribing in children with respiratory tract infections). I run the one week Introduction to Epidemiology course and am dissertaion lead for the BSc Global Health course. I am also a consultant methodologist for both the Bristol Randomised Trial Collaboration (BRTC) Unit and the NIHR Research Design Services (RDS).