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Director of Healthcare Transformation Project, Cornell University

Peter Lazes has established and is currently the director of Programs for Economic Transitions, Strategic Planning Programs for Unions, and the Healthcare Transformation Project at Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations. These institutes provide labor unions and management with consultation, training, and research to implement strategic worker participation programs and new work systems. Specifically, Dr. Lazes works with labor and management leaders to develop changes that will improve the overall effectiveness of the particular organization and the quality of worklife for its staff. All change work includes coaching and mentoring support for both labor and management leaders.

Lazes' work has focused predominately on hospitals, elder care services, automotive and automotive suppliers, shipbuilding, and the textile/garment industry. Most recent activities have focused on helping improve the cost, safety and delivery of healthcare services. He is currently working with healthcare unions, hospitals and the department of Health and Human Services to insure that delivery system improvement activities are part of the current healthcare reform process.

Lazes conducts seminars and organizational change projects both in the U.S. and abroad. His most recent international work has included projects in Australia,
England, Ireland, Norway and Poland. Recent projects have improved the quality of services and met financial goals within organizations. They have also secured employment and created safer jobs.

Dr. Lazes received his Ph.D. in clinical and industrial psychology from Union Institute and has written over 30 articles and produced several videotapes on topics such as organizational change, innovation and new work systems, new roles for unions, and strategies for keeping American jobs.


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    Director of Healthcare Transformation Project, Cornell University