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Professor of Twentieth-Century Literature, University of Birmingham

Peter Morey is Professor of Twentieth-Century Literature at the University of Birmingham. He has written extensively on modern and contemporary literature, and has particular expertise in colonial and postcolonial writing. The main focus of his work is on narrative and power in fiction addressing cross-cultural and majority/minority relations. He has led two international research projects into these themes and has published on them widely. Among his books are Fictions of India: Narrative and Power (2000); Rohinton Mistry (2004); Alternative Indias (2006); Framing Muslims [with Amina Yaqin] (2011); Culture, Diaspora and Modernity in Muslim Writing (2012); Muslims, Trust and Multiculturalism (2018); Islamophobia and the Novel (2018); and Contesting Islamophobia (2019)


  • 2001–present
    Peter Morey is Professor of Twentieth-Century Literature , Univeristy of Birmingham