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Senior Research Fellow, Psychology, Northumbria University, Newcastle

Peter Moseley is a Senior Research Fellow in Psychology at Northumbria University (2019-present). He completed his BSc in Psychology (2010), MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience (2011), and PhD in Psychology (2012-2015) at Durham University in the UK, before moving to the University of Central Lancashire to work as a lecturer. He has previously worked with the Hearing the Voice project, an interdisciplinary project aimed at understanding the phenomenon of voice-hearing from a variety of perspectives.

His research focuses on the cognitive and neural basis of hearing voices (also referred to as 'auditory verbal hallucinations') and other psychotic-like experiences. He works with individuals both with and without a psychiatric diagnosis, to understand what voice hearing is like, what may cause it to become a distressing or functionally impairing experience, and what may cause such experiences at the level of cognition and the brain.


  • 2019–present
    Senior Research Fellow, Northumbria University