PhD Scholar, University of Sydney

After about 35 years in the corporate sector I have started pursuing an academic interest. I have always been interested in the history of Asia, and how Asia has been pushed around by colonial powers over hundreds of years. My interest is how do Asian people feel and are now dealing with about being a part of a global economy that is controlled by their old colonial rulers?
My research is looking at the Ecological Modernization of Indonesia firstly, but also moving on to China and the rest of Asia. The variety of capitalism in Asian countries is also an interesting area of study. There are some many factors that affect the way business is done and government economic policy is formed in Asian nations.
I did a research Master’s Thesis at the University of Technology in Sydney, UTS. This was in business and management. What I saw in that research is the role of business interacts with the structures set up by governments. It is all part of the institutions that form a society. So it was a logical shift for me to look at a more political PhD rather than continue in the business or management area. Before the Master’s I did a couple of other business Post Grad course Grad Diploma in Business Admin and also a Grad Certificate in Business Admin.
I really enjoy speaking to groups about my research area. How regional governments frame their policies, particularly in regard to environmental issues is going to be a long term important issue for everyone in this generation and the next at least.
My other interests are in the printing industry where I did all of my work life. I have done a great deal of research into the impact of the printing sector on the environment and also the role that printing plays in human development such as literacy.


  • 2007–present
    Managing Director, Eco Logical Strategies P/L
  • 2010–present
    Asian Industry consulting ,
  • 2000–2007
    National Sustainability Manager, StoraEnso Australia


  • 2009 
    UTS, Master of Management by Research Thesis
  • 2007 
    UTS, Grad Dip Business Admin

Research Areas

  • Forestry Management And Environment (070504)