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Doctoral Student at the Institute for Applied Entomology, University of Hohenheim, University of Giessen

I am a doctoral student in insect chemical ecology. My research work is based on the conceptual framework of plant-insect coevolution. In brief, I am interested in plant-herbivore interactions, mainly in the uptake and use of plant toxins by herbivorous insects (i.e. sequestration). Specifically, I investigate the mechanisms underlying sequestration of cardiac glycosides (cardenolides) in milkweed bugs (Lygaeinae). During my doctoral research, I try to understand the mechanisms and the evolution of these physiological processes by using various methods, including feeding assays and chemical analyses. The ultimate goal of my research is to integrate the mechanistic findings into the conceptual framework of insect plant coevolution to understand how the interplay of resistance and sequestration directs coevolutionary interactions between plants, insects, and their predators.


  • 2020–present
    Doctoral Student, Applied Entomology
  • 2017–present
    Doctoral Student, Institute for Insect Biotechnology

Professional Memberships

  • International Society of Chemical Ecology, Inc. (ISCE)