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Principle Academic in Psychology, Bournemouth University

My research interests centre on autism spectrum conditions (ASC). Within this broad domain, I use neurometabolic (MRI, DTI) and electrophysiological (EEG, MEG) methods to investigate cognitive processes in people with and without ASC. I am most interested in language and semantic processing, emotion processing, and social neuroscience. My doctoral research concerned the broad framework known as 'grounded' or 'embodied' cognition, and much of my research has considered how seemingly basic sensorimotor regions of the brain may contribute to 'higher order' thought.

I am additionally interested in the female profile of autism spectrum conditions. Girls and women with ASC are an understudied group and are commonly mis- or undiagnosed as they do not fit the traditional, male conceptualisation of autism. I aspire to pursue research in this area.


  • –present
    Senior lecturer, Bournemouth University