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Research Officer, Radiocarbon Facility, Australian National University

I'm a radiocarbon scientist at the Australian National University. Having studied chemistry and archaeology as an undergraduate, my PhD was on the radiocarbon dating of the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic in Iberia using new methods of dating bone and charcoal. I'm now primarily interested in attempting to improve the dating of bone where preservation is poor (very common in Australia!), and am responsible for the chemical preparation of samples submitted to the radiocarbon lab at the ANU.


  • 2011–present
    Research Officer, Australian National University


  • 2011 
    University of Oxford, DPhil Archaeological Science (The contribution of new radiocarbon dating pretreatments to the understanding of the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic in Iberia)
  • 2006 
    University of Oxford, UK, MSc Archaeological Science
  • 2005 
    University of Durham, UK, BSc (hons) Archaeology and Chemistry


  • 2013
    A new date for the Neanderthals from El Sidron Cave (Asturias, Northern Spain), Archaeometry
  • 2013
    Freshwater radiocarbon reservoir effects at the burial ground of Minino, Northwest Russia, Radiocarbon
  • 2013
    Radiocarbon dating casts doubt on the late chronology of the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in southern Iberia, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 2012
    Testing the ABOX-SC method: Dating known-age charcoals associated with the Campanian Ignimbrite, Quaternary Geochronology
  • 2010
    Refining the background correction for radiocarbon dating of bone collagen with the ultrafiltration , Radiocarbon

Research Areas

  • Archaeology (2101)
  • Geology (0403)
  • Physical Geography And Environmental Geoscience (0406)