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Ragnar van der Merwe

Postdoctoral fellow, University of Johannesburg

Ragnar is a post-doctoral research fellow at The University of Johannesburg. His research interests are in the philosophy of science, philosophy of truth, pragmatism, and complexity science. Ragnar’s PhD thesis focused on questions related to how we can have knowledge of the world given its complex nature and, most importantly, what this can tell us about scientific progress and scientific truth. Some of the journals where Ragnar has published include Axoimathes, Foundations of Science, and Journal for General Philosophy of Science. He has given talks at seminars hosted by, among others, Bath University, Kent University, University of Connecticut, and University of Vienna.


  • 2018 
    Stellenbosch University, Masters degree philosophy


  • 2022
    Whewell’s Hylomorphism as a Metaphorical Explanation for How Mind and World Merge, Journal for General Philosophy of Science
  • 2022
    Rational Decision-Making in a Complex World: Towards an Instrumental, yet Embodied, Account, Logos and Episteme
  • 2021
    On Paul Cilliers' approach to complexity: post-structuralism versus model exclusivity, Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems
  • 2021
    A Dilemma for Determination Pluralism (or Dualism), Axiomathes