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Rannah Scamporlino

Education Coordinator, AVID Australia, Victoria University

Rannah Scamporlino worked in the role of Professional Practice and Partnerships Coordinator for the Master of Teaching (Primary) at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE). She coordinated Professional Practice Early Years (MTeach Early Childhood), amongst other roles.

Rannah has worked in early childhood, and taught in primary and secondary education for over twenty-five years. She has particular expertise in clinical teaching (evidence-based practice), professional practice development, and evaluation of experienced and pre-service teachers.

Having completed a Masters in Educational Leadership and Management, she went on to complete her Doctor of Education at the University of Melbourne with Professor John Hattie as her supervisor. Rannah’s doctoral thesis, “Exploring relationships during the practicum in pre-service teacher education: power and positioning within a quadraciprocal model”, has been well received with a number of conference papers and publications.

Rannah demonstrates expertise in teacher education; professional practice, curriculum and pedagogy, and targeted teaching. She has highly developed leadership and teaching skills across a range of professional activities. Her highly developed analytical and conceptualisation skills have enabled her to design programs and solve a range of logistical problems.

Her most recent work includes consulting with schools, educational leaders and other higher education providers.

She is currently developing an early readers developmental program, and teaching 3-6yos to read based on this construct. She is authoring a series of children's picture books and has completed the pre-launch phase of her global toy store. Rannah draws on her early career pathway experiences in business where she worked on international trade/manufacturing negotiations, to support her global business ventures for children.


  • 2019–2020
    Education Coordinator, AVID Australia