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Group Leader, Institut Pasteur

Richard Paul is a head of group at Institut Pasteur, Paris focussing on the reservoir of infection and control of vector-borne diseases. He has formerly coordinated several large field studies, of both a fundamental and applied nature, focussing on vector-borne disease in Senegal, Thailand, India and the Philippines. He co-ordinated an public health assessment program of a hydro-electric project in Laos involving many teams from differing institutions and companies, that included the potential spill-over of pathogens from the wild animal community following this extreme land-use change. This is of particular relevance to the current project, in which he will advise the local partners on domestic and wild animal population sampling. He was PI of the entomology and epidemiology WPs in the recent EU funded DENFREE consortium. He is currently coordinating projects on dengue epidemiology (Cambodia, Thailand), public health systems development (the Philippines) and mosquito intervention clinical trials in the Philippines.