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Richard Shearmur

Professor, McGill School of Urban Planning, McGill University

I am currently professor and director of McGill's School of Urban Planning. I am also a member of l'ordre des urbanistes du Québec. I started my career in real estate in Europe, then obtained a masters in Planning (McGill) and a PhD in Economic Geography (Université de Montréal). My research has focussed on the geography of innovation and on the geography of economic activities. I am currently conducting research on where people actually work - which I distinguish from the location their job is administratively attached to. This has led me to consider work mobility, as well as the prevalence, across different occupations and cities, of arrangements such as working from home. My pre-occupation with where work takes place (and with the location of economic activity more generally) has led me back to considerations of real-estate. I also teach a course on planning and real-estate at McGill.


  • 2013–present
    Professor, School of Urban Planning, McGill
  • 1998–2013
    Professor, INRS Urbanisation Culture Société
  • 1991–1994
    Chartered Surveyor, Alban Cooper
  • 1989–1991
    Chartered Surveyor, Weatherall Green & Smith