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Lecturer in Sociology, University of Manchester

My main research areas include:

- science, technology and society
- society and environment
- animals and society

Although I trained as a sociologist my research is very much interdisciplinary, and aspires to be post-disciplinary. I feel that we live in a profoundly heterogeneous world, and the things that interest me tend to be the hybrid and boundary phenomena which crystallize this heterogeneity; these things are often obscured or purified away by the straitjacket of disciplinary knowledges. It often seems to me that disciplines are essentially circular and that they strive to reproduce the conditions of their own cogency. This is something I have no interest in contributing to. I am drawn instead to interdisciplinary fields which push towards transgression of modern ontological boundaries. Human-Animal Studies is one such field; another is Science and Technology Studies. These now provide most of the inspiration for my research.

My current research looks at bees, humans, and all their intricate interrelations and entanglements. More can be found on the research blog at:


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    Lecturer in Sociology , University of Manchester