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Professor of Marine Biology and Conservation, Bournemouth University

I am a marine biologist and academic based at Bournemouth University. My research is currently focussed on understanding and protecting the marine environment in a holistic manner.

This involves understanding the role of multiple stresses which act on marine organisms, and the interactions between the organisms (which can form part of the stress). Currently, work involves overfishing, and how marine protected areas can be effective. Large scale ecosystem effects of overfishing - including the potential for overfished environments to contribute to climate change, and the adaptive potential of organisms to multiple stresses, including climate.

While most of my work is in marine ecology, I have worked in many different environments and on many different species, and in several disciplines, including economics, neuroscience and robotics.

I use a range of tools and techniques to conduct my work, but I am especially experienced in computer simulations and quantitative methods.


  • –present
    Department of Life and Environmental Sciences , Bournemouth University